Mission: To improve the safety, care and well-being of horses, donkeys and mules in equine interaction programs through science, compassionate inquiry, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Goal: The symposium is intended to create a platform for speakers and attendees alike to come together, discuss and share their knowledge on equines in general and equines in horse-human interactive programs. In addition to the symposium, a yearly compendium of papers containing the topics presented will be published. This will ensure that the information is more easily available. All proceeds will go towards funding future research and equine-based therapy services to clients in need.

4 Symposia so far...

The Questions:

"who is horse" -

"who is horse in equine assisted/facilitated services", and

how to maintain their welfare

finally moved me in 2017 to become active:

many great people from all over the world contributed with their knowledge and passion - and came together to present it.

This Course is an accumulation of collected interviews, resources and articles,

some for free, some not -

(check out the free "preview" section in the course curriculum

hopefully a wealth of knowledge you can pick and choose from.

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